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Jiangsu Zhongrui Electric Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and private high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province that integrates scientific research, development, design, production and installation. It was established in March 2006. The total registered capital of the group company is 145 million yuan. The area is 100 mu, the production and office building area is 48,000 square meters. At present, there are 8 patented products with independent intellectual property rights. The annual production capacity of the group company is 1.2 billion yuan. There are 5 wholly-owned subsidiaries: Jiangsu Zhongrui Electric Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Nanrui Construction Co., Ltd., Nantong Jiangrui Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Jiangrui Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., Jingjiang Jiangrui Electric Co., Ltd.; the company has strong technical strength and a strong, united and efficient team to Develop new products with high starting point and high standards. In the company's products, using unique design technology, superb production technology and perfect after-sales service, in full accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. There are currently five major categories of products:
1. Substation special steel materials cable laying products: cable trays, assembled substation special ground steel cable trenches, cable trench new cable brackets;
Second, power products: high and low voltage power distribution cabinets, high frequency switching DC and communication power systems for power, UPS power systems, inverter power supplies, EPS power systems;
3. Substation special composite cable laying products: new combined ZFZJ series composite material bracket, assembled substation special ground composite cable trench, drawer fire partition, composite cover;
4. Professional materials for pipe gallery tunnel products: pipe-frame fixed welded steel cable bracket, pipe gallery combined steel cable bracket, pipe gallery composite cable bracket, pipe gallery (tunnel) polymer alloy material cable tray, seismic suspension frame;
V. Ventilation products: fan products, damper products, air conditioner end products;
The company has advanced cable trays, busway trunks, special substation ground cable trenches, new series of cable supports and ventilation products production technology and testing equipment. Its manufacturing capacity, mechanization and automation have reached domestic priority. With a complete quality management certification system and a nationwide sales and service network, we can provide comprehensive and integrated services according to the actual requirements of the users. From the beginning of the system solution, initial design, secondary configuration, precision manufacturing, professional installation and The commissioning is finally handed over to the user. At present, the four major categories of products have been widely used in electric power, transportation, petrochemical, metallurgy, industrial and mining enterprises, urban construction and other industries, and have won the title of "Bright Spot Project" in Luban Award Project, National Excellent and Ministry Project; The professional manufacturer of high professional power supply, cable tray, cable bracket, busway and ventilation products has been used in more than 2,200 substations and power plants nationwide, and has been in the national grid UHV 1000kV Heihe, Taizhou, Ji Yang, Weifang, Yuheng and other substations, ultra-high voltage ±800kV Shanghai Fengxian substation, 750kV Baoji, Baiyin, Qaidam, Qiaowan, Wusu substation, ±660kV Qingdao converter station, 500kV Shanghai Gulu, Liaoning Nanhai, Mudanjiang forest , Yingkou Bohai, Tianjin Wuzhuang, Fujian Lianjiang, Jiangsu Taixing, Jingxi, Yangjiang, Zhouxi Substation, State Grid Shandong Training Technology Institute 220kV Substation, the country's first intelligent Xiqiao 220kV substation; South Network key project Hangyun 220kV Substation; Power Plant has Baoji Second Power Co., Ltd., Luohe Power Generation Co., Ltd., Wujiang Shayu Hydropower Station, Huaneng Yingkou Power Plant, It is used in key national power projects such as Baishan Power Plant and Guoxin Group Power Plant, and has achieved good performance in major municipal projects such as: Qinghai-Tibet Railway, National People's Congress directly under the government building, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Lanzhou University, Nanjing University, Qingdao Ocean University, Beijing Renmin University, Shanghai 213 Project, Yangzijiang Grain Logistics Center, China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., etc. It has also been widely used in military engineering projects such as the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center of the Lanzhou Military Region and a naval base in the Nanjing Military Region.
The Group adheres to the corporate values ​​of “exploitation, integrity, sustainability, and win-win” and resolutely implements the business philosophy of “organizational management and grouping, design and production integration, and diversified product structure”, and has achieved rapid development. About 300, 10% of which are management talents, 30% of high-tech talents and 20% of marketing talents, 30% of first-line employees and 10% of construction workers. The company has strong research and development capabilities, high market share, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. In recent years, sales have increased by more than 30%, and it has shown a good development trend. Strive for the guidance, care and support of the majority of users, design departments and research institutes, and cooperate with the majority of users with good products and sincere service to create new and greater glory!
The company is located in the prosperous and prosperous Yangtze River Delta, the world's longevity town of Rugao, and Ningtong, coastal, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway alternately embraced, convenient transportation, warmly welcome new and old friends to visit and cooperate, win-win!

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